From Digital and Analog video cameras and recorders Midwest Digital Systems works with many manufacturers equipment and can service and repair many systems at competitive labor rates. If your system is not operating properly and you need assistance call us!

Midwest Digital Systems offers a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Plan. Visits are included annually during our warranty period and can also be purchased separately for non MDS installed equipment.

We want you to get the most out of your system. Proper maintenance extends the life of equipment and helps lower your overall cost of ownership. Dust, heat and moisture all shorten the life of electronics and hard drives. Additionally, environments change over time, what may have been the right settings at the beginning may now need to be revisited. A camera aimed at a hall that used to have an exterior door but no longer does will have different light levels and camera settings as well recorder settings that can be adjusted to optimize the image. Retention requirements may have changed, instead of 4 weeks you may only require 2, allowing for an improvement in video quality by changing the recording settings. We can identify and make all of these changes for you.

Preventative Maintenance visits include basic physical checks of equipment including dust, dirt and checking moisture levels as well as making camera adjustments for cameras that may have moved or are no longer covering a secure area.

But beyond the physical checks MDS also reviews the system settings, makes appropriate tweaks and adjustments and makes data back-ups. We will optimize recording settings like frame rates, resolutions, motion and scheduling. We will provide you with a complete inventory and checklist of the components in your system advising you of any concerns or problems allowing you to make the appropriate plans for the future.

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