Whether your facility is small or large, we have a key card access system that can simplify your facility management. With a card access system you have more control than simply handing out a key. You can define when cardholders are allowed to enter doors, track time and attendance as well as location. You can provide outside groups who rent or use your facility limited access. You can generate real-time notifications or reports to review later who entered, where and when. You can remotely lock or unlock doors if someone forgot a card. If someone loses a card you can easily deactivate it, and get a notification if someone subsequently tries to use it. All without the need to re-key locks throughout the building! Discover the power of access control solutions designed with open architecture standards and created to make the most of your existing investments including existing locking mechanisms.

Types of Key Card Access Systems

Midwest Digital Systems offers key card access systems that can use key cards, key fobs, numeric PIN’s or biometric finger print readers. As an added security measure, you could consider a combination of technologies such as a fingerprint and card reader.

We can provide an affordable web-based access control solution, which is ideal for small- to mid-sized installations offering powerful features and simple operation.

Keycard Access

Multi-location Solutions Using Keycard Access Systems

For mid- to enterprise-sized organizations we offer next-generation, IP-based access control that is robust enough to scale to multiple locations no matter where they are located, across campus or across states. Midwest Digital Systems has the expertise to install your key card access systems.