Multi-Tenant Building Door Intercom Solutions

For multi-tenant facilities such as Senior and Retirement communities as well as apartment complexes, we offer a solution that can monitor up to 16 doors with 500 tenants per building. A full door intercom video system with customizable Entrance panels allowing you to choose the features and options you need.

  • Audio / Video / Access Control
  • 170° Pan, Tilt & Zoom video camera for larger viewing area
  • ADA compliant design
  • Variety of intercom stations available
  • Built-in access code keypad for keyless entry (500 codes)
  • Alpha-numeric room numbering
  • Digital Display Keypad / Name Panel
  • Directory Scroll
  • Address Panels / Postal Lock
  • Built-in access code keypads for keyless entry
  • Concierge visitor screening
  • CCTV system integration
  • Motion Sensor auto activates LCD when in Energy Saver mode
  • Voice Annunciation
  • Stainless Steel

This system has no recurring monthly bills, allows you to add and remove tenant names easily and have 500 unique access codes.

Campus & Government Door Intercom Solutions

Midwest Digital Systems offers a comprehensive solution that can incorporate Entry Security, Room intercom, daily Announcements, Bell Schedules and even Assistance and Emergency Call Stations all into one easy to use interface managed through your web browser. We can connect buildings within a campus or district allowing you to control doors and communicate between buildings.

  • All-in-one communication system to control video entry, public address, access control, and scheduled bell systems
  • Wide angle camera (170°) with PanTilt & Zoom function
  • Uses new or existing CAT-5e / 6 network infrastructure
  • Program system functions via browser
  • Time based call forwarding, scan monitoring, emergency call, priority call, video audio recording, paging, and scheduled zone paging
  • Schedule Bells & Announcements:
  • Program daily announcements by day, week, month, or year. Create different schedules for holiday breaks, or after hours
  • Transfer calls to outside phone lines. Forward failed calls automatically to another master or group of masters or an outside phone number if the called master does not answer
  • Create areas and zones to easily broadcast emergency announcements quickly

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