We understand that choosing the right camera for your security needs can be difficult. That’s why we sit down and discuss our options with you to make sure that we choose the best equipment for your unique situation.

Midwest Digital Systems installs quality digital and analog surveillance cameras from top manufacturers. With a wide variety of interior and exterior cameras at our disposal to meet your specific site’s needs we have the experience to properly install and configure the cameras to maximize your image quality.

Cameras from 2 to 20 megapixels

High resolution. Quality images.

We offer high resolution IP cameras so you can monitor more areas with fewer cameras and greater detail. This allows you to better identify behavior, causes of incidents, and reduce vandalism.

30 frames per second

Seamless capture of information

No more jerky frame rates–our cameras offer you the ability to monitor your business activity in real-time. This allows for greater image fidelity and ensures that you get accurate information.

H.264 Video compression

Better storage means more data

Storage is a big part of being able to have useful coverage. Our compression methods are state of the art and ensure you have the data you need, when you need it.

Day/Night Cameras

Monitor the activity that matters

Our cameras offer solid resolution in both day and night scenarios. While there are limitations in every situation, we’ll find the best solution for your needs.