There are few better ways to provide safety and peace of mind than protecting your home or business with an alarm system. An alarm from Midwest Digital Systems can provide perimeter and interior protection twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Your alarm can be programmed to alert you directly via voice or text, thus bypassing monthly monitoring fees and contracts. Or, if you prefer we can provide a state of the art monitoring center that offers a full line of benefits and options.

When you choose a local alarm, MDS can program your system to notify your cell phone, or any phone that you designate with a voice message that your property has been breached. If you prefer text messages, MDS can program your system to notify you in that manner. These options provide a degree of protection, scaring off would be burglars and keeping you informed about the break in.

alarms and monitoring

If you prefer full-time alarm monitoring, MDS will connect you to our partner monitoring center. The center can keep you informed of all changes to your system and will contact you if there are any problems. They will also notify law enforcement in the event that they are needed.

With a monitored system, you can also connect to your system via a compatible smartphone or computer from anywhere, with an internet connection, to verify the status of your property or to activate and deactivate your system.

Midwest Digital Systems has a variety of system and sensor options. Systems can be wireless or hard wired. Regardless of your needs, let Midwest Digital Systems customize a system that meets your budget and fits your security needs.