School administrators and teachers are ever vigilant concerning the safety and well-being of their students. Understanding the critical role that, they are always interested in the best methods to implement this technology with limited budgets.

Whether it is understanding how a fight in the parking lot started, what prankster tagged a building, whether the properly authorized person is picking up a child, or if a visitor should be allowed entry, the use of video surveillance and digital recording is key. Yet, what many administrators do not understand is that new IP video security systems, while providing better quality resolutions and added features, have become significantly more complex. This requires that the business security company that you partner with must have the technical knowledge to correctly design and install the system so there are no negative impacts to other mission critical networks and be within your budget.

Some of the benefits of a custom designed business security camera system:
  • Control Community access to public areas
  • Eliminate the need for keys and the costs of replacing lost keys
  • Dynamically control the times of ingress or egress within certain areas
  • Monitor visitors who come to the school
  • Identification and matching of parents with their children
  • Reduce vandalism and burglary
  • Conduct post-event video forensic investigations
  • Monitor crowd control for special events or sports activities

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