Each and every Federal, State and Local government building, regardless of its function or purpose, has some requirement for security. Whether it is providing a remote video surveillance feed for a fleet services building or public works storage barn, to extremely high level, sophisticated IP/CCTV rotating digital video for a municipal detention center, government security managers will always need a professional security partner that they can trust. As business security camera systems have become increasingly more complex, it necessitates finding a knowledgeable, experienced security professional that can provide the custom design and installation that will meet your unique requirements.

Just as their need for a robust security solution increases, all governments are facing growing pressure to reduce spending, forcing them into the common situation of doing more with less. Perhaps the very best solution might be incorporating new technology within an existing video surveillance installation with older cameras. Integration of the new equipment into an older system can be very cost effective but must be done with a strategic plan in place, one that can scale to meet future needs and requirements.

Some of the benefits of a custom designed business security camera system are:

  • Monitoring secure inmate movement within the jail
  • Increasing safety by restricting for unauthorized access
  • Video surveillance of sensitive or off-limits areas
  • Protect important individuals like judges, congressmen, lawyers and the general public
  • Video and audio documentation within interview rooms
  • Oversee parking facilities and track license plates
  • Identify suspicious behavior or unattended items like bags and briefcases
  • Secure exterior walls and eliminate blind spots
  • Reduce theft or vandalism
  • Conduct comprehensive video supervision from remote locations to help reduce security staff requirements
Interrogation Room Recording for Government Entities

Video is a proven tool to provide documentation of events. Managing Video Evidence in an easy to use and portable format is critical to case documentation. Click Here to learn about our solution for our Interrogation Room Recording.

As your security partner, Midwest Digital Systems will evaluate your current environment, create a cost effective design tailored specifically for you, and provide a quality installation of your integrated security solution. We offer a range of products and equipment from quality manufacturers such as Electronic Article Surveillance Systems (EAS), CCTV/IP digital video cameras, Network video recorders, Key card access systems, and Door intercom video.

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